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Remove clothing on the photo online

A simple and fast clothing removal app exists!

A few words why Pixelmaniya!
 1. It’s fast. Yes, not as fast as AI, but your model will remain with fingers and toes, and pieces of clothing and someone else’s body will not give you negative emotions. We keep all body parts intact and remove all clothing in the photo that you specified!
 2. This is high quality – yes this is high quality! We can’t share all the feedback from our users, but we have customers who have been using the clothes removal feature over and over again for several years now.
 3. It’s comfortable. You can upload several of your photos in a convenient personal account and go about your business. After a short time, all your wishes will be ready in your order history!

Remove clothing on the photo online
Remove clothing on the photo online

Simple instructions on how to use the “Clothes removal” service
You must be a registered user of Pixelmaniya! A simple registration form gives you 20 free tokens to your balance for trial retouching and further use of the service. Clothes removal service is a labor-intensive process and takes some time. As a rule, the designer takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour to implement your project. This service costs 200 tokens.

Go to your retouching account using the link

“Clothes removal” service
“Clothes removal” service
  1. Upload a photo of yourself from your device in which you need to “take off your clothes”
    This service is located in the “body” section, the icon for this service is a “green cross”.
  2. By clicking on this service you will see that it has been added to your order.
    Now you need to click on your uploaded photo so that you can select the person or clothing that you want to delete.
  3. After clicking on the photo, a green cross should appear on the image – this is a marker of the person and clothing that needs to be removed. You can add several markers for different people or one if there is only one person in the photo. You can also change the size of this marker if you need to mark any individual item of clothing for removal. That’s all!
  4. Then click the orange button below – “send for retouching”
    Your file is immediately sent to a free designer and work on your order begins.
    After 15-40 minutes in your order history you can see and download your processed file!

    Find out more about the “clothes removal” service
“Clothes removal” service
“Clothes removal” service