How to buy retouching tokens on the site and in the Pixelmaniya app?

The easy way payment for tokens

We use cryptocurrencies to accept payments. We also provide the opportunity to pay for retouching using credit cards as well as google payment and apple payment through our multi-currency gateway.

Now I will explain in detail how it works.

CryptoCloud – is a reliable way to easily send and receive payments in the most popular cryptocurrencies

In order to make a purchase of tokens, you must first log in to the site or in the Pixelmania application. This is necessary in order for the payment accrual system to understand which account to add tokens to.

By clicking on the buy tokens button,
you will see retouching packages available for purchase.

Consider an example of paying for the maximum package for retouching $55 – (2500 tokens + 500 bonus tokens).

It is worth immediately noting one feature of the negotiable capabilities of various crypto-units. In our plugin, you can manage four cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin, abbreviated as BTC

Litecoin, conventionally designated LTC

Ethereum, conventionally designated ETH

USDT (TRC-20), conventionally designated USDT

So, there is a minimum allowable amount of payment in different cryptocurrencies in the global crypto networks:

For our payment system, the minimum payment amount and, accordingly, the minimum retouching package that you can pay in cryptocurrency is:

for Bitcoin 35$

for Litecoin 10$

for Ethereum 30$

for USDT (TRC-20) 1$

Click the “buy” button on the desired package of tokens and select the desired cryptocurrency in the new field. In our case, we choose Litecoin

Bitcoin is active by default it is color coded
Click on the Litecoin currency icon to make it active

If you want to enjoy profitable big packs of 30, 35, 55 tokens, you don’t care in which cryptocurrency to make a payment, since you pay in any case with a card!

Do not forget to enter your correct email, which will be credited with tokens on the Pixelmania website. Important! The address of your account on the Pixelmania website and the address that you indicate in the payment must match!

Then click “confirm”
We see such a window. Detailed instructions are available on the right if you wish.

On the left we see two payment methods. The lower one is “green”, for users who already own a crypto wallet and are able to immediately pay for tokens with cryptocurrency.

Upper “blue”, for paying tokens with debit cards. The package of tokens we have chosen earlier and its cost are already indicated here.

Click “pay by card”

We see a payment form in which we can choose between a card and two more methods, there is a Google payment and an Apple payment

Select the payment method we need and

Click “buy”

Next, we confirm the privacy policy, enter the card details and pay for the tokens. Immediately after payment, your tokens will be automatically added to your account on the site or in the Pixelmaniya app

If you have any additional questions, write your requests to

and we will try to answer you promptly