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How to buy retouching tokens on the site and in the Pixelmaniya app?

The easy way payment for tokens

In order to make a purchase of tokens, you must first log in to the site or in the Pixelmania application. This is necessary in order for the payment accrual system to understand which account to add tokens to.

By clicking on the buy tokens button,
you will see retouching packages available for purchase.

At the moment, you can pay for the purchase of tokens in the currency of any country. Crediting to the payment site takes place in the currency of Kazakhstan tenge at the rate of your bank at the time of payment. At the time of writing this comment, the exchange rate of $1 is equal to 462 Tenge

What you need for a successful payment

– you need to be an authorized user
– you need to have a VISA or Mastercard bank card for payment
– your bank must support 3DS security protocol*

* 3DS security protocol – additional payment protection that looks like an SMS message from your bank to confirm the payment

Your bank must support this security protocol otherwise you will not be able to make a secure payment!

If your bank does not support the 3DS security protocol, then you may see a similar window in your browser or application

We see a payment form in which we can choose between a card and two more methods, there is a Google payment and an Apple payment